Breaking & Entering

Joe Ketchen
4 min readApr 9, 2021

Breaking & Entering is a one level flash computer game where the only objective is to steal classified documents which hold secrets to the mysterious shadow government. The Shadow Government is believed to be master manipulators in world events and politics, your job is to unmask this secret society and show the world who they really are. But be warned, this will not be an easy task. The shadow government has remained behind closed doors due to their discreet location and maximum security facility. You will have to maneuver your way through various stages of security clearances such as motion detectors, spotlights, and of course security guards. Make your way to the head official’s quarters, download the files, and escape without being detected. One false slip and the operation is busted. Do you have what it takes to take down the evil secret society?

The main inspiration I used for this project was taken from a nostalgic dive back into my childhood. My favorite game growing up was the Sly Cooper trilogy, a 3D stealth plat-former game for the Play Station 2. In Sly Cooper, you are a master thief who steals from master criminals as sort of a Robin Hood character. You as the player move sly through a hub world filled lasers, guards, loot, traps, etc and attempting your objectives while remaining as stealthy as possible.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (2002) Sly 2 Band of Thieves (2004) Sly 3 Honor Among Theives (2005)
Hiding from a Guard, Sly Cooper (2002)
Sly Maneuvering through the security systems, Sly Cooper (2002)
Sly coming across a laser fence, Sly 2 (2004)
Sly sneaking behind a guard, Sly 2 (2004)
Sly avoiding a guard while running on a wire, Sly 3 (2005)

Additionally, one of my favorite games to play growing up was World’s Hardest Game. A simple 2D flash game with multiple levels increasing in difficulty. The objective of which is to simply avoid touching the moving obstacles and reaching the end of the plane in one go. After countless, frustrating attempts, I finally achieved the satisfaction of moving on to the next level, learning a little bit more about how to maneuver through the course with each try. The amount of heartbreak I have felt spending the amount of time advancing, only to be hit my the obstacle and having to restart once again.

World’s Hardest Game (Internet Flashgame)
The obstacle course in World’s Hardest Game, the player must maneuver through the course without touching the blue dots, the blue dots move when playing.

These two childhoods memories led as my primary inspiration and formatting for my HTML 5 minigame. I asked myself the question when starting my unity project, what would be the most effective way to make a simple, clean, challenging, and most importantly fun game in a short amount of time? My solution was to take the elements of the Sly Cooper trilogy, such as the security systems and guards, but bring them into a 2D universe. This lead to a hybrid between these two games in the perfect mix.

Breaking & Entering Lazer Wall

I began by opening a Unity project and laying the groundwork by creating a simple 2D world by using in game objects and sprites. Once I was able to lay the framework down for the games structure, the bigger picture began to take fold and my goals became clearer.

After creating my two dimensional world, it was time to add the functionality to it and bring the game to life. Using C# programming language in Visual Code studio, I was able to make the world interactive by adding user controlled player movements, enemy colliders for the obstacles, and animated paths for each of the obstacles in the game.

After accomplishing the backbone for my game, it was time for my project to take form. By using adobe illustrator, I created the player, guards, scenes, and security systems and exported the pngs to unity to be used as sprites.

After working out some kinks here and there and importing the artwork into the game, I have found my project to be a success. After play testing the game with several users, I was able to receive reactions from several players along the lines of “Addicting” and “Frustrating” or “Heartbreaking” but most importantly the reaction of the player when completing the course has been well received. Overall, my goal was to make something extremely simple yet still fun and challenging, I found that I was able to achieve this through curiosity, enjoyment, and determination.